Dave Fairbrother founded A Good Locksmith in 1974 after completing a course from the Foley-Belsaw Institute. He also worked 30 years as an electronics technician at Johnson Controls before opting for early retirement in 2000. He has tackled a wide variety of jobs in residential, commercial and automotive locksmithing.


A Good Locksmith is available to those in the Milwaukee and Madison areas as well as Jefferson and Waukesha counties—even in inclement weather. “When the weather gets bad, I get busy,I like saving damsels in distress.” – Dave Fairbrother.


A Good Locksmith guarantees its work. If a job is not done correctly, it will be fixed at no charge and with no service-call fee. “In more than 30 years, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had to go back to a job a second time,” – Dave Fairbrother.


Fairbrother regularly attends seminars on various aspects of locksmithing and is a regular contributor to and reader of Internet forums and websites, including clearstar.com.


A Good Locksmith maintains its busy pace—more than 30 calls received each day—by offering good service and guaranteed work at a fair price. “I could gouge people, and a lot of locksmiths do operate that way,” Fairbrother said. “But I feel much better about doing a job successfully at a cost the customer can live with.”